Tasker 5.5 pronto al download: novità per l'importazione degli script e il supporto Google Drive (video)

Tasker 5.5 pronto al download: novità per l'importazione degli script e il supporto Google Drive (video)
Vezio Ceniccola
Vezio Ceniccola

Tasker 5.5 è la nuova versione della popolarissima app di personalizzazione ed automazione presente da anni su piattaforma Android. Le novità incluse in questo aggiornamento sono davvero tante, soprattutto per quanto riguarda la possibilità di condivisione degli script.

Uno dei miglioramenti principali è, infatti, quello legato all'importazione delle funzioni tramite il servizio Tasker Share: da ora, basterà aprire un semplice link sul proprio smartphone ed importare lo script desiderato nell'app di Tasker. Cio permette una condivisione molto più semplice, trasformando ogni funzione in una sorta di mini-app attivabile all'occorrenza.

Altro miglioramento importante è quello del supporto a Google Drive, cosa che permette di caricare contenuti direttamente tramite Tasker, ottenendo anche il link per la condivisione diretta, e di effettuare automaticamente o manualmente i backup dei dati.

Ci sono, poi, tante nuove azioni da poter utilizzare. Tra le più interessanti, da ora è possibile impostare delle condizioni per le azioni Custom Setting, ma non mancano anche altre novità per la gestione del display, della connettività e delle impostazioni.

L'aggiornamento alla versione 5.5 di Tasker è già in staged rollout, dunque arriverà a scaglioni nei prossimi giorni per tutti gli utenti. Se volete leggere in dettaglio tutte le novità di questa versione, trovate a fine articolo il changelog completo.

Download Tasker 5.5 (APKMirror)

Taker v5.5 - 2018/10/03


  • Export as Link: revolutionizing the way Tasker data is shared. Tasker/Profiles/Projects can be exported as Links and to import them, user simply needs to click on the Link with Tasker installed. Demo here.
  • Access to manage your shared links.
  • Automatic Google Drive backup: will upload every time there are changes and keep 1 daily backup. Demo here.
  • Google Drive Restore: Restore data from any of your previous Google Drive backups. Demo here.
  • Ability to directly import from XML files for projects/profiles/tasks
  • Custom Setting State/Event: monitor Android's settings so you can react to their changes. For example, turn the volume down when night light is enabled
  • Google Drive Upload action: upload a file to a folder on your Google Drive and optionally share it. Demo here.
  • Display Size action: change the size of your display dinamically. Demo here.
  • NFC Action: Toggle NFC on or off
  • Status Bar Icons: Hide icons on your status bar. Demo here.
  • Force Rotation: Force the rotation of your display. Demo here.
  • Data Backup: Backup Tasker data with optional Google Drive backup. Demo here.
  • Ping: Check the connectivity and latency to a remote network host
  • Multi-SIM support for Send SMS action
  • Ask Permissions: Mainly for users that share tasker data with others or Exported Apps
  • Tasker can now output multiple local variables from an action like plugins (GDrive Upload action does it)
  • Badges for new States and Events
  • Option to keep wifi on with Wifi Tether
  • More Custom Settings that will be automatically found
  • When importing data from a URL, added option to show description of what you're importing, before importing it.
  • Added android.permission.DUMP permission to manifest
  • Tasker notifications will now show the time they were created


  • When Tasker crashes, a notification will be generated so user can directly report the crash to the developer
  • When Tasker exits, it'll always check if battery optimizations are off: too many people were having issues with it
  • When you export data to storage, it'll share the file so you can easily open it somewhere else. You can turn this off in Preferences.
  • SMS App action will now set it with no prompt if Tasker has the Write Secure Settings permission
  • Updated support email address
  • If device is rooted End Call will be performed with root so it always works
  • Upgraded to Google Play Services 12
  • Take Call works with root if available
  • When moving file and using HTTP GET with file create destination directory first if it doesn't exist.
  • Allow for user https certificates for HTTP actions
  • When license is not valid, stop Tasker monitor
  • Changed default App usage method to App Usage Stats
  • Will now create a notification if an action with a missing plugin is ran


  • Fixed Array Set not clearing previously existing array with the same name
  • Fixed some dialogs accepting the positive action when the Android back button was pressed
  • Ask for location permission in Wifi Connected and Wifi Near states
  • Fixed opening file from a folder whose name started with "Tasker"
  • Fixed Biometric Dialog not showing up when running from outside Tasker
  • Fixed error message when running Create Directory action
  • Fixed not being able to delete multiple profiles at once
  • Fixed Wifi Tethering for Android P
  • Don't exit Tasker if some other app opens while Tasker is in its main screen
  • Write file action creates missing directories if needed
  • Fixed crash when wifi tether action fails because of Carrier blocks
  • Made files with root directories sharable with other apps
  • Fixed missing permission for SMS action: READ_PHONE_STATE
  • Fixed time not showing in notifications
  • Fixed Menu -> Data -> Share
  • Fixed crash when exporting project with missing icon
  • Fixed crash showing overlay scene with no permission
  • Request Read Call Logs permission on phone ringing event to be able to get the phone number
  • Fixed Airplane Radios action
  • Fixed toast background color on devices where toast isn't white by default
  • Fixed testing for file size with root
  • Fixed Phone Ringing event for Android Pie (it was not detecting phone numbers correctly)
  • Ask for storage permissions when enabling run log
  • Make text boxes not important for autofill
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