Tasker riprenderà a correre, grazie al nuovo sviluppatore capo

Si tratta di João Dias, già artefice di AutoApps, apprezzata serie di plugin per Tasker.
Tasker riprenderà a correre, grazie al nuovo sviluppatore capo
Edoardo Carlo
Edoardo Carlo

Se siete assidui utilizzatori di Tasker, negli ultimi anni avrete sicuramente notato un deciso rallentamento nello sviluppo software di una delle app più concretamente utili e ricche di potenzialità fra quelle che popolano il Play Store. E probabilmente saprete anche che la causa di ciò sia da ricercare in gravi motivi personali di Pent, lo sviluppatore di Tasker. Proprio Pent, conscio di non riuscire più a seguire la propria creatura come meriterebbe, ha annunciato di aver affidato lo sviluppo di Tasker ad un altro sviluppatore.

Fortunatamente, si tratta di un personaggio ben conosciuto nella comunità di Tasker, ovvero João Dias, creatore della più vasta serie di plugin per il servizio, AutoApps. Se utilizzate Tasker, o la avete utilizzata in passato, nomi con AutoNotification, AutoTools e AutoVoice potrebbero esservi familiari, dunque sarete felice di sapere che, da ora, lo sviluppo di Tasker stessa sarà in ottime mani.

La sofferta ma responsabile decisione di Pent permetterà a Tasker di ricominciare a correre nello sviluppo sotto la sapiente guida di Dias, recuperando il tempo perduto e riallineandosi alle ultime novità del sistema, introdotte con le più recenti versioni di Android.

Qui sotto vi lasciamo l'annuncio ufficiale di Pent e il messaggio di benvenuto di Dias.



After hanging on a bit too long, I finally decided I was not in good
enough shape to maintain Tasker anymore. The last couple of years, updates
have been too seldom, nagging bugs not fixed, new OS features integrated
too slowly or not at all. As a conscientious person, I find it very
stressful to let people down like that.

I’m therefore very (very) happy to announce that over the coming months
João Dias will be taking over Tasker. João will introduce himself below.

Transfer of the app to its new Play Store account is already achieved,
Website, development and support will follow over the coming days.
Please bear with us if there are glitches due to the transfer.

I will still be maintaining App Factory for a period, but the plan is
that eventually João takes over that too. Most of the work to create
a child app is in any case performed by Tasker.

I hope that João can put the same energy into Tasker as I was able
to in the early days. I’m sure he has a lot of plans he will reveal
to you in time.

You may still see me around a bit during the transfer period as I
try to help João absorb this complicated app. If not: a big, big thank
you to everyone who has been involved over the last 8 years,
especially the stalwarts in the forum. Rich D deserves a special
mention here.

Please stick with it a little longer: things can only get better!


This is João Dias and I’m the developer of the AutoApps and Join. Maybe you’ve heard of them if you’ve been using Tasker for a while.
It is with GREAT pleasure that I can announce that I’m going to be taking over Tasker! This means that I’m going to be developing it from now on!
First of all this is a huge honor for me. Tasker was the app that made me want to buy an Android phone in the first place. It was the first app I bought on Google Play. When I first heard about it, it made my head spin with the possibilities it allowed. I still remember reading the Usage Examples on the Tasker website and literally spending days imagining what I would do with it once I got my hands on an Android device. It was so far beyond what was possible on my then “Smart” Nokia device that my little programming brain couldn’t stop thinking about it.
And now I’m humbled to be in charge of it! I hope I can continue evolving it and keep it always fresh and exciting for you! I have a few plans for it already but please don’t expect anything major soon. Give me a few weeks/months (with Pent’s help) to get accustomed to Tasker’s code. I know I’m going to be terrified to break anything in the app in the first few releases ?
I’ve been a part of Tasker for some time now, with all my AutoApps, so I know it pretty well from the outside. Of course it’s going to be a different story when I get to look at it from the inside, but I’m confident all will fall in place and I’ll be able to put out some great new features in the future ?
I hope you can join me on this new adventure and never forget to Automate Your Life!

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