Data la possibilità di sbloccare il bootloader (trovate qui la guida) sono stati sviluppati alcuni custom kernel. Questo è quello più diffuso ed è realizzato da slade87.
[KERNEL] ZombiePanic v1.63 for all ROM's > Eclair - xda-developers

  • no touchbug with GB roms
  • Tun/Tap
  • Overclocking (and undervolted)
  • built in Multitouch
  • mddi patched!
  • netfilter
  • iptables/xtables
  • EXT3/4 JBD(2)
  • USB RNDIS/RMNET (one step closer to native USB Tethering)
  • partial USB Host Side (not yet fully working)
  • alot more filesystems supported (CIFS,CD_ROM ISO,etc.)
  • few performance tweaks on performance govenor, smartass would be nicer maybe next time after i get permission