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v1 - Out-Of-The-Box testing; ported with dsixda's kitchen (Windows, custom cygwin) from Samsung Vibrant MIUI v1.4.1; attempting to see if it will flash/boot properly

v2 - Gingerbread => Froyo. Recently occurred to me that GB has not been tested for the Optimus 2X. Now ported from the Fascinate (v5) port. Editing Build.prop as I type.

v3 - Just a quick heads up, the link will be changed in a bit, once it finishes uploading. Took some advice and went back to check the updater-script (turns out I had update-script) instead). Converted it, so let's see what happens.

v4 - Link updated. This is quite the hassle! But I shall try my best. Took the boot.img and build.prop from another O2X ROM and put it in here, with a little modification for MIUI. Anybody wanna test it out?

v5 - No Status 0 Error! But boot loops are in play.

Update: Good news! We've been working on a Status 0 error, and, in v5, it has been fixed! But here's the bad news - boot loop, boot loop, boot loop. We're working on a workaround, but, who knows, it may be as easy as using Calkulin's Format All. v6 is under construction! (format all link below)

Calkulin's Format All:

v6 - New ROM trial going up in a few, mini-changelog:
replaced apps in system/app
replaced fonts in system/fonts
replaced some files in system/media
removed lg-res.apk and replaced original framework-res.apk with MIUI framework-res (from MIUI Evo 1.3.18)
added custom MIUI ascii text and reworded text for MIUI
changed the from RomKitchen to MIUI (Froyo)

v7 - Something went wrong in v6, and we could not install, paired with the Status 6 error. So, instead of changing all of these things from the ROM, i'm doing them one by one (excluding the MIUI apps and fonts, which are needed to begin with), starting with the framework-res.apk. Link updated.

v8 - Changelog - changed to MIUI Mountain-flag-holding-dude-or-whatever; 
added "wallpaper", "lockscreen", and "theme" folders to \system\media;
removed lg-res.apk, efs.txt, contents.txt, lock.img (want to see if these are needed)

v9 and beyond - Info on what we're doing now: We've got the proper updater-script (from v5) and are now working on a boot loop problem only. Three rom trials are up, and will be updated in a bit.
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