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Discussione One Plus 3 Design

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    One Plus 3 Design

    This is an attractive handset. The aluminum frame tapers gracefully, and edges are nicely finished. These simple clean lines are not breaking any new ground here style, but OnePlus is Clearly refining the brand's look with each successive release phone. We'll call That progress. There is an evolution of sorts moving from the OnePlus 2 to this phone, though there are some clear "inspirations" from loa array companies like Huawei and HTC. It's exceedingly difficult to make an all metal body phone, with cutout bands antenna, look unique in this day and age. Thinness helps as a style point, though the thinness is a bit marred by the camera bulge.

    It is a clean looking device. It might not turn heads When used in public, but it certainly will not be derided. We do miss some of the bolder design choices from previous phones like the sandstone back on the OnePlus 2. OnePlus' solution is to offer snap on cases, so most of the time spent reviewing this phone, it's lived in the sandstone snap on case. A nice throwback to the feel of the OP2, but not quite as elegant as having this material built into the back of the device.
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