It 's amazing! Whistling and take a picture!
Take a picture has never been so easy and fun - just whistle and your cam will automatically do a high quality image.

Selfie photos have never been so fun and easy to do!
Simply use the camera front or rear whistle and smile ... if you want you can use the option countdown 'App. Want to make beautiful pictures of landscapes while driving? Just leave the phone mounted on the windshield, open the application and whistle You can not use the touch Screen? just press the volume button ..! Or you can just use the old fashion way Android to take the picture with the button of the screen. Features: ★ Whistle detection camera. ★ high quality images. ★ auto focus. ★ Easy detention and taking pictures with one hand. ★ By using the volume button easiest way to take a picture. ★ sites Picture hands-free while driving with the whistle. ★ Selfie photos using the countdown cam. ★ Both landscape and portrait support ★ A gallery of photos very useful and fast ★ Share your photo ★ Easy to change Team, visit us at: Products - DreamBit