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    [ROM] [v1.0] [VELOCE] [UV'ed][CFS] KiNgxKxNexus Desire2Nexus

    First, a foreword:

    Ok guys, here is the long awaited Desire to Nexus Port. I did not ever recieve the full device dump, so was forced to base it off of Paul Modaco's build *thanks bro*. Anyway this build is still beta, but to be honest I have been running it all night and plan on running it for awhile. I hope you all appreciate the work myself and Paul put into this build.


    Many of you are familiar with my G1 work and know the reliability and work that go into my ROMs

    Release Name: KiNgxKxNexus Desire2Nexus

    Release Version: 1.0

    MD5 Sum: e50976e2c439992c4cf4ae2111865347

    Credits: Cyanogen, Wes Garner, Paul@modaco, CCyrowski, Haykuro, Stericson, JAC, Eugene373, miketaylor00, Jubeh, Twisted, Fictionless, Shafty, any other dev I forgot to mention, and most importantly, my patient lady for putting up with ma devin'

    Base Firmware: 2.1

    Radio Required: Any

    SPL Required: Any, required unlocked bootloader though

    Partition Layout: Fat32/EXT1-2-3-4 (EXT optional)

    Wipe Required: Full wipe each flash (unless otherwise stated)

    Special instructions: When you see the sync icon after signing into Google, reboot your phone and open Market if you want to speed up the sync process

    Download: Latest Version 1.0 Mirror

    Older Versions: Version 0.4 Version 0.3 Version 0.2 Version 0.1

    Non sono responsabile per guerre termonucleari o brick

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    Re: [ROM] [v1.0] [VELOCE] [UV'ed][CFS] KiNgxKxNexus Desire2Nexus


    Version 1.0

    - Based off of latest dump from Modaco *thanks a bunch man*
    - Now using my latest nexus kernel #7! *FAST*
    - BFS has been replaced by good ol reliable CFS
    - Kernel is undervolted now!
    - Kernel is still 1.113 Ghz capable!
    - Fixing Permissions on each boot
    - Added my tools to init.d
    - Camera working 100%
    - Camera flash pretty close to spot on
    - Default Wallpaper changed
    - Updated su
    - Updated superuser.apk
    - Added more live wallpapers
    - Added more tools to /bin
    - Added latitude widget
    - Moved a handful of apps to /data
    - Added HTC navipanel
    - Added smiley hack to HTC_IME *credits are in settings*
    - Optional a2sd cleaned up and still working
    - Use kingapps2sd.sh to enable a2sd after rebooting your device
    - Trackball mods *thanks ChainsDD*
    - Dalvik cache is on /cache now *thanks to Modaco and team, thanks*
    - Added latest Google Maps
    - Multi touch now working in Google Maps
    - More I will add

    Version 0.4

    - Fastest version yet
    - NEW King Kernel #5
    - Using BFS 315
    - Back to deadline as primary I/O scheduler
    - Camera now has 5MP! *thanks a bunch modaco/teknologist!*
    - Camera Flash getting better
    - Removed teeter
    - Updated ramdisk
    - Changed default background (you'll see)
    - Added option to select United States in Setup Wizard
    - Slow cleaning up the build...

    Version 0.3

    - Fully Optimized entire build
    - Now using King Kernel #4! (2.6.33)
    - Can be Overclocked to 1.113 Ghz using Overclock Widget from Market
    - Fixed Voice Search (Ignore initial FC)
    - Fixed Live Wallpaper Picker *Thanks for the help Manup456*
    - Camera Flash now Works *little off from time to time*
    - LED's blink for notifications now
    - Using ChainsDD Lights/Trackball edits *thanks bro*
    - Optional a2sd is fixed. Type "su" then "kingappstosd.sh" and reboot to enable
    - Removed HTC FM Radio as it is broken at the moment
    - Updated superuser
    - Things I am forgetting I will add

    Version 0.2

    - Now using KingNexusKernel #1 !
    - Graphical glitches are gone *thanks paul*
    - Can reboot whenever now, white screen is gone
    - Last bits of optimization, frameworks next
    - Voice to Text Fixed and fully working!
    - GPS Working
    - Added Mount USB app to mount sdcard
    - Fixed up FSTAB for the a2sd users
    - Cleaned up and edited build.prop
    - Live wallpapers working and included (under photos)
    - Wireless Tether added and working
    - Wired Tether added and working
    - Flash Player
    - Amazon MP3 added
    - Things I will add

    Version 0.1

    - Based off of the build released by Modaco, since I couldn't get the dump
    - Using Kmobs Undervolted kernel
    - Fully Optimized by yours truly, FAST
    - WiFi fully functioning
    - Testers let me know about GPS...
    - Native multi touch system wide
    - Pinch to Zoom on home screen
    - After reboot, gets stuck in loop.....
    - Network Location Fixed and fully working!
    - Still some graphical glitches, but its ALOT better!
    - Optional Apps to Sd
    - Using Pauls Ramdisk *thanks*
    - Added MANY tools into bin
    - Added my script "kingappstosd.sh" to execute a2sd and reboot
    - Using the init.d method
    - More info to come, its Friday!

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