Ecco un nuovo firmware basato su HTC Desire


* intersectRaven’s Kernel ( AVS 925mv CFS)
* Google Maps 4.2
* Wired Tether 1.2
* Wireless Tether 2.01
* DeskClock
* Gallery3D
* Desk Clock
* Car Dock

* Call waiting screeching noise
* FM Radio not working
* Bluetooth does not always detect device. (Getting better with every build but still not reliable)

Versione Beta11

Change log:

Beta 11:
Moved fonts to data
Updated Kernel to (Stable fast and no music skipping)

Beta 10:
Peeps is back!
Dev Tools
A few minor tweaks

Beta 9:
Added Car Dock
Moved Fonts to Data (space is getting tight on system)
Removed Footprints (need the space and the camera is flipped in the app)
Reverted back to intersectRaven’s Kernel AVS 925mv CFS. No more music skipping and more stable.
Other optimizations

Beta 8:
Fixed wifi connection issue