Tasker 5.9 stabile: l'accesso al Logcat vi apre un mondo di nuove possibilità (video)

Tasker 5.9 stabile: l'accesso al Logcat vi apre un mondo di nuove possibilità (video)
Vincenzo Ronca
Vincenzo Ronca

Tasker è una delle app Android più potenti in termini di personalizzazione ed automatizzazione e nelle ultime ore il suo canale stabile ha ricevuto un nuovo aggiornamento. La principale novità riguarda l'accesso Logcat di sistema Android, andiamo a vedere perché apre un mondo di nuove possibilità.

La versione 5.9 di Tasker annovera l'accesso al Logcat di Android, una funzionalità già vista sulla versione beta dell'app: il Logcat consiste essenzialmente nel registro di tutte le attività che avvengono a livello di sistema, come ad esempio lo sblocco tramite l'impronta digitale oppure tramite PIN. Poter accedere a queste informazioni significa molto per Tasker: si apre un mondo di nuove personalizzazioni ed automatizzazioni in base alle azioni svolte dall'utente con il proprio dispositivo.

Il video che potete vedere a fine articolo ne mostra un esempio: l'utente può scegliere di aprire diverse app o servizi in base al dito utilizzato per sbloccare il dispositivo. Inoltre, l'aggiornamento include la funzionalità Get Location v2, che offre un'accuratezza ed una rapidità superiori rispetto alla versione precedente.

L'aggiornamento è in fase di distribuzione automatica attraverso il Play Store, qui sotto trovate il relativo badge e successivamente il lungo changelog completo.


  • Added Logcat Entry event which allows you to react to any logcat on your Android system, opening up a whole new world of event/state possibilities in Tasker! Demo here.
  • Added Shortcut action which allows you to open an Android shortcut from Tasker. Demo here.
  • Media Button state now works on Android 8+ without the need to grab media buttons! Demo here.
  • Added Get Location v2 action: get your current location in a much more accurate and fast way than the old Get Location. Has options to restrict the kind of location you want opening up a whole lot of possibilities! For example, you can make sure that the gotten location has at least a 10 meter accuracy! Demo here.
  • Added Pick Location action: pick your location from a map and get the coordinates back in your task. Demo here.
  • Added Set Assistant action: set your phone's assistant (Google, AutoVoice, Tasker, etc). Demo here.
  • Added Get Next Alarm action: get details about the next alarm that is set on your phone. Demo here.
  • Added Camera action: enable or disable the camera for all apps on your phone. Demo here.
  • Added Significant Motion event: triggers when its likely that user is changing location (walking, driving, etc)
  • Added Tasker Functions action: a place for niche/small little Tasker functionalities that do not warrant a whole standalone action.
  • Allow all App related actions to use the app name instead of just the package name. Demo here.
  • Added ability to long click a variable in the Variable Select List to show its value. Demo here.
  • Added Alarm Changed event that triggers whenever an alarm changes on your device.
  • Allow Launch App to use variables to launch a specific activity with the format packageName/activityClass
  • Added option In Text Received event to filter by SIM
  • Made Authentication Dialog > Biometric be able to be used with Iris and Face sensors (Android 10+)
  • Added Confirmation Required and Device Credentials Allowed options to Authentication Dialog (Android 10+)
  • Added option Use Motion Detection to Set Tasker Pref action
  • Added %new_state variable to the output of the Dark ModeCamera and NFC actions
  • Added option to select the Mode of Base64 Decoding in the Variable Convert action
  • Added Pixel 4 specific Custom Setting preferences that you can use with the Custom Setting action, event or state.
  • Show active profiles in the notification even if it's minimized
  • Made Tasker able to read and monitor the clipboard in the background on Android 10+
  • Added reminder that Pixel users can squeeze their phones to call Tasker as an assistant
  • Added ability to specify a directory as the output for a HTTP Request action so that the file name is automatically recognized and set when downloaded
  • Added %http_file_output variable as output in the HTTP Request action so that you can act on the downloaded file more easily when the file name is automatically found by Tasker
  • Added Assistant Settings in Tasker > Menu > More > Android Settings
  • Added notification when user attempts to clear all variables the "old way" warning user that it doesn't work that way anymore
  • When user sets up Secondary App event on Samsung devices ask if user wants to set the double-tap gesture to open Tasker instead of the camera.


  • Changed the way the clipboard is gotten in the background on Android 10. Now requires WRITE_SECURE_SETTING permission
  • Restore Settings is now disabled by default when creating a new profile
  • Made Mobile Data action work with Secure Settings on non-rooted devices, warning the user that it may not work on all devices
  • Added option Clear All Variables in action Variable Clear. Only if that option is selected will all user variables be cleared.
  • Redirect to english web page if help in other language is not available
  • Made Tasker always show up as an assistant choice and then, when used as an assistant, give user instructions on how to use
  • Changed Auto theme to Black (instead of dark) when system ui Dark Mode is enabled
  • Changed illegible error message when importing stuff from Taskernet that needs a newer version of Tasker. Now a nicer to read message appears.
  • Allow scenes to be shown with any vertical or horizontal offset if user enters value manually
  • Change parameter label from "App" to "Package/App Name" where actions have app parameters that can be set via the app name
  • Changed some messages that show up as toasts into dialogs so that people that block Tasker notifications still see them.
  • Changed Cell Near history to 24 hours instead of 6.
  • Made some events trigger faster with less use of resources


  • Fixed long-standing bug (from back when I wasn't the developer) that would sometimes hang a task if another task had a wait action running
  • Fixed long-standing bug (from back when I wasn't the developer) where if you monitored the value of %LIGHT and the light level sank to 0, %LIGHT would never actually be 0 but would remain in the value previous to 0.
  • Fixed File Copy action when "From" is an URI instead of a file
  • Fixed Input Method Select action on Android 10
  • Made Load Last App action available for everyone again! :)
  • Made %LAPP variable available again
  • Made Cell Near condition work more reliably
  • Made NFC action work more reliably
  • Fixed shortcuts using app icons which were appearing weird before
  • Fixed asking for draw over other apps permission when necessary
  • Fixed allowing phone to go to sleep when dark mode is enabled while Android Auto is running
  • Fixed crash sometimes when destroying a scene with a map element
  • Fixed bug where if you imported a profile sometimes another disabled profile would be enabled
  • Ask for notification access permission when enabling the Use Notification If Available option in the Media Control action
  • Make HTTP Request action request file permissions because it's possible to write the output to a file
  • Fixed HTTP Request action when downloading a file to a folder that doesn't exist. Now creates needed folders automatically.
  • Made Secure Setting actions (like NFC) not have the settings icon, because it won't revert automatically when being set in an entry task
  • Fixed using Authentication Dialog action with the App context in some situations
  • Fixed bug where importing a project with disabled profiles would sometimes enable them.
  • Correctly ask for Do Not Disturb changing permissions when adding the Ringer Volume action
  • Fixed not being able to use 2 variables in Lat,Long field in the Open Map action
  • Fixed Google Maps crash in kid apps
  • Fix crash when requesting permission on Android 5
  • Fixed some smaller crashes

App Factory

  • Fix not being able to: use app icons, do non secure http requests and use the Pick location dialog for exported App Factory apps
  • Made app factory apps always have the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission if target API is 29 or above
  • Madd app factory apps have location permissions if they use maps in scenes or the pick location dialog
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