Google termina il supporto ad Eclipse Android Developer Tools

Lorenzo Delli

Con il rilascio di Android Studio 2.2, le cui tante novità sono state elencate in questo articolo, a quanto pare è giunto anche il momento di dare l’addio ad Eclipse Android Developer Tools. Google ha infatti comunicato il termine ufficiale del supporto e dello sviluppo di Eclipse Android Developer Tools tramite un post su Android Developers Blog.

La mossa serve ovviamente ad indirizzare gli sviluppatori verso Android Studio 2.2, in modo anche che Google stessa possa concentrare tutti gli sforzi futuri su questo tool di sviluppo.

Android Studio, the official IDE for Android, features powerful code editing with advanced code-completion and refactoring. It includes robust static analysis, bringing the intelligence of the Android engineering team to you to help you easily apply Android coding best practices, and includes simultaneous debugging in both Java and C++ to help fix any bugs that slip through. When you combine this with performance tooling, a fast, flexible build system, code templates, GitHub integration, and its high-performance, feature-rich emulator, you get a deeply Android-tailored development environment for the many form factors of the OS. It’s the development environment used by 92% of the top 125 Google Play apps and games, and we’re constantly innovating it to handle every Android development need.

Fonte: Android Developers Blogspot