Nexus Root Toolkit 2.1.7 pronto al download, ma ancora niente Nougat

Nexus Root Toolkit 2.1.7 pronto al download, ma ancora niente Nougat
Nicola Ligas
Nicola Ligas

Nexus Root Toolkit versione 2.1.7 è disponibile al download, ma non fatevi ingannare: non ha nulla a che fare con il rilascio di Nougat. Ci sono infatti un sacco di piccoli fix e miglioramenti, ed una nuova utility per gestire ed unire i tweak al build.prop.

Una volta che Google avrà inserito Android 7.0 nell'AOSP, lo sviluppatore di questo toolkit potrà lavorare al supporto per la nuova release del robottino. Nel frattempo potete scaricare l'ultima versione di questo noto tool per Windows per la gestione dei Nexus dal sito ufficiale. A seguire il changelog completo.

· New ‘Tweak Build.prop’ utility added which allows managing and merging custom tweaks.
· Manual hashcheck interface now supports SHA1 and SHA256 in addition to MD5 sums.
· Automatic ‘OEM Unlocking’ Enabled/Disabled detection integrated into unlock script.
· New hands-free system for enabling ‘OEM Unlocking’ in developer options (in case users touchscreen is broken).
· Live progress percentage in log for adb push/pull operations.
· Device specific ‘no-force-encrypt’ requirements for android N rooting.
· Dynamic version equivalence understanding for letter versions (L, M, N, etc) via ASCII conversions.
· More in-built adb timeout functions to handle unexpected hangs.
· More in-built error checking for handling arrays.
· Contacts backup script updated with more automation and better instructions.
· SMS backups and Call Log backups consolidated to one feature.
· Applying custom ROM Vendor.img added to automated ‘Flash Zips’ interface.
· Streamlined and decluttered live log output.
· Added an ‘Always on top’ toggle to Live Log.
· Cleaned up spacing in all information MsgBoxes.
· Link launching function revised for improved compatiblity with all Windows versions.
· Latest STABLE-BRANCH SDK dev android platform tools utilized.
· General optimizations, code improvements and bugfixes.

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