Bluboo ci rimostra il suo bell’XWatch e si riscorda di dirci che versione di Android ha (foto)

Nicola Ligas

Sono passati diversi mesi dall’ultima volta che abbiamo parlato di XWatch, un elegante smartwatch della cinese Bluboo, che doveva arrivare a febbraio e che invece si è fatto aspettare.

L’azienda conferma che XWatch avrà uno schermo da 1,3” IPS, e che al suo interno sarà impiegato il SoC MediaTek MT2601, inoltre lo smartwatch avrà certificazione IP65 di resistenza a schizzi d’acqua. Per quanto riguarda il cinturino, di base sarà in silicone, ma saranno disponibili anche in pelle e metallo, dato che sono comunque intercambiabili.

Il lancio è atteso ad inizio maggio, ad un prezzo di circa 100$, ma del preciso sistema operativo a bordo dello smartwatch non è stata fatta menzione: l’ultima volta si parlava di Android Wear, ma vi avevamo già messi in guardia dal fatto che non lo fosse. A questo punto supponiamo sia più saggio aspettare il lancio ufficiale e vedere, almeno saremo sicuri al 100% di quello che andremo a riportare (sperando che sia Android).

Using the same strap of Apple Watch,Bluboo’s Xwatch will be availbale for sales in May

Nowadays, the number of martphone manufacturers procucing smartwatches is increasing. As captive products of smartphone, smartwatch has received more and more attention which becomes an indispensable part of smart life. Bluboo, a smartphone manufacturer who has released a smartwatch Uwatch previously, now launch a new one Xwatch, the strap of which is made of silicone. It’s well-known that Apple Watch uses silicone as its strap as well.

It’s known that Xwatch is equipped with the advanced MTK2601 chip with 1.3 inch IPS oncell screen and IP 65 waterproof rating. Why is the trap of Xwatch made of silicone? In fact, strap of silicone does have lots of advantages. First of all, users will feel very comfortable when wearing it because of the special texture of silicone. Unlike metal strap, silicone makes you not cold at all even wearing Xwatch in chilly days. Moreover, another feature of silicone is its durability which can stand the temperature ranging from minus 40 degrees to 250 degrees, making it not easily get discolored or deformed due to sweatiness in tropical days. Besides, silicone also possess the characteristics of being flexible, indehiscent, Shrink-and-wrinkle-resistant and resilient. If wearing properly, you could keep it intact for a rather long time. Last but not least, silicone is environmentally friendly which is oderless and non-toxic and easy-to-clean. Customers could wear it at ease.

Apart from silicone, Bluboo also provide straps made of leather and metal for customers. Different straps match for different Xwatch series. Xwatch’s strap is replaceable, customers could substitute other straps for the original ones at will.

Another highlight of Xwatch is that users could customize the function of the three buttons according to their needs,making the watch suits you best instead of one getting used to the fixed settings.It’s reported that Xwatch will be available for sales in May with affordable price nearly 100 dollars.

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