Xposed framework per Lollipop aggiornato alla versione 68

Andrea Centorrino

rovo89 ha rilasciato una nuova versione di Xposed per Android 5.0 Lollipop, che va a risolvere 2 bug che causavano il crash del framework.

La versione 68 risolve i crash causati da “Fatal signal 11” e “com.android.phone has stopped“, quest’ultimo su LG G3:

  • “Fatal signal 11” reported for dex2oat or “Compiler driver” in the Xposed log. I have seen a few posts about such issues, but the one I tested the fix with was about Quickoffice. If you notice further issues like this, please report them onGitHub with the full logcat (as only that contains the command line that crashes).
  • “com.android.phone has stopped” on LG G3. Don’t confuse this with support for encrypted apps (LGWeather, LGCover), this can’t be fixed unless someone comes up with a decrypter, ideally one that can be executed on the device.

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Al momento l’ultima versione di Xposed supporta ufficialmente solo fino ad Android 5.0 Lollipop, e non funziona su smartphone Samsung con ROM stock e telefoni LG con app criptate. Potrete scaricare Xposed dalla relativa pagina del forum di XDA Developers.

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