Honor 7 è il più desiderato dai cinesi: 9 milioni di pre-ordini in una settimana, in arrivo in Europa

Honor 7 è il più desiderato dai cinesi: 9 milioni di pre-ordini in una settimana, in arrivo in Europa
Nicola Ligas
Nicola Ligas

Poi ti chiedi come mai Huawei sia uno dei brand che vendono di più al mondo. Il suo nuovo Honor 7, presentato giusto una settimana fa, in 7 giorni ha raccolto oltre 9 milioni di pre-ordini nella sola Cina. Più di un milione al giorno. E non è che, per qualche motivo, smetteranno tutti oggi.

Lo smartphone deve poi ancora arrivare in Europa e nel resto del mondo, dando ad Huawei ampio margine per consolidare le proprie già rosee previsioni.

LEGGI ANCHEHonor 7: focus su fotocamera e assistente personale (foto e video)

Le aspettative dell'azienda sono infatti piuttosto alte, e ben visibili nel comunicato stampa qui sotto, che ha come prossimo bersaglio l'Europa. Vi faremo ovviamente sapere non appena Huawei avrà "preso di mira" l'Italia, ed a che prezzo.


Major milestone for Honor, the newest smartphone brand of Huawei

The smartphone honor 7 was launched in China last week and has already received orders for 9 million units, just one week following the launch. This makes it the first Honor product to generate the highest demand in such a short time, confirming the huge interest from the ecosystem (consumers, fans, partners, media) around the Honor brand.

The new metal smartphone, which offers a fingerprint sensor and a 20-megapixel camera, provides a unique user experience and has garnered interest from fans and users alike in China. The honor 7 enriches the Honor product family, by adding high-end handset within a smaller form factor. It is expected to be under a lot of Christmas trees this year given the huge interest it is showing.

The honor 7 reinforces the existing Honor product family, including honor 6+, honor 6 and honor 4X, which remain smartphones that stand out in the industry:

  • honor 6+: known for its unique parallel dual-camera technology, which can capture wider aperture photography for real DSLR feeling
  • honor 6: described by digital natives as the coolest phone with the Top1 innovative chipset in the world at the time of launch
  • honor 4X: loved by gamers thanks to its immersive, quick-response gaming on the go, with its strong signal technology, large high-contrast 5.5 inch screen and unrivalled octa-core performance

Honor, a world's leading smartphone e-brand launched in 2013, has made its presence in 74 markets with an excellent reputation worldwide, and has successfully implemented its "For the brave" brand strategy. Over 20 million units of its devices has been sold in 2014, and 20 million units in sales in 2015 to date (as of end of June), showing how fast the brand is growing and how the demand is building year-on-year.

'We are very excited about this regional success and believe that honor 7 will see a great response from users in Europe too, later this year. As a new flagship product of the Honor product family, honor 7 is bringing further innovation at an affordable price. Feedback from the community is very positive, which reaffirms our commitment to our customers and our focus to deliver products that always exceed users' expectations,' commented Frank Yao, Managing Director WEU, Honor.