Oppo R7 con fotocamera da 13 megapixel ISOCELL e "Flash Shot"

Oppo R7 con fotocamera da 13 megapixel ISOCELL e "Flash Shot"
Nicola Ligas
Nicola Ligas

Con cinque giorni di anticipo sulla presentazione ufficiale, fissata per il 20 maggio, Oppo annuncia un'interessante funzione di cui sarà dotato R7: Flash Shot, che promette di aumentare velocità, accuratezza e stabilità di scatto, per mettere in grado chiunque di catturare ottime immagini.

Il sistema Flash Shot ha due funzioni primarie, ovvero il Dual-drive Hybrid Focus System, che migliora l'autofocus con rilevamento della fase portandolo ad appena 0,1 secondi, e l'Anti-shake Optimization, che cattura più immagini, prima e dopo che l'utente ha scattato, e poi seleziona automaticamente quella più chiara.

LEGGI ANCHEOppo R7 ed R7 Plus nei primi render ufficiali (foto)

Oppo conferma inoltre che la fotocamera posteriore sarà da 13 megapixel con sensore ISOCELL e lenti Schneider-Kreuznach, che in combinazione con il processore d'immagine proprietario Pure Image 2.0+ consente allo smartphone di realizzare scatti a 50 megapixel; la fotocamera frontale sarà invece da 8 megapixel.

Vi ricordiamo che è attesa anche una variante Plus dello smartphone, che probabilmente però condividerà lo stesso comparto fotografico di quella base, quindi queste informazioni potrebbero valere per entrambi. A seguire il comunicato stampa originale.

OPPO R7 Offers New “Flash Shot” Feature for a Superior Camera Experience

As the scheduled May 20th product launch draws near, the all-new OPPO R7 series is increasingly close at hand. According to confirmed previous reports, the R7 will sport a new focus technology which not only substantially reduces the focus time but also produces clearer and more vivid pictures. This new camera enhancement feature by OPPO, named “Flash Shot” boasts speed, accuracy and stability, fantastic for all camera phone fans.

Easy-to-use “Flash Shot”

Capturing photos with both camera phones and professional cameras involves three steps – initiation, focus and imaging. Only with speedy initiation, fast focus and stable imaging, can great photos be taken quickly. The unique “Flash Shot” system fitted on the OPPO R7 delivers these three elements with precision, enabling ordinary users to quickly take crystal clear photos, no matter what situation.

The “Flash Shot” system has two primary functions, “Dual-drive Hybrid Focus System” and “Anti-shake Optimization”. With respect to Dual-drive Hybrid Focus System, in addition to the traditional contrast detection focus, the OPPO R7 “dual-drive” also boasts phase-detection auto-focus (PDAF) on par with single-lens reflex cameras, resulting in a focus time as low as 0.1s. Furthermore, the OPPO R7 is 30% faster than comparable products regarding camera initiation.

The “Anti-shake Optimization” algorithm allows the camera to take multiple photos in the seconds before and after the user presses the shutter, it then selects the clearest image, thus substantially increasing the clarity of photos taken.

Top specs for crystal-clear image quality

Besides further optimizing the camera experience, the OPPO R7 also has impressive specs, packing a 13-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front camera, ensuring it’s equipped to industry leading standards.
The OPPO R7’s rear camera adopts the ISOCELL CMOS sensor technology which reduces inter-pixel crosstalk, captures more photons and also improves the dynamic range to deliver finer detail and layering in both light and dark areas of photos. The camera lens is professionally designed and manufactured by Schneider-Kreuznach. Collaboration with this world-renowned German optical manufacturer draws on their leading technologies and research strengths, meeting their stringent standards of certification.

The 8-megapixel front camera, optimally positioned on the phone is also matched with OPPO’s all new picture “Beautify” feature, allowing the user to take gorgeous selfies super easily.

Besides impressive hardware specs, the OPPO R7’s software package is also very attractive, including its much praised proprietary Pure Image 2.0+ image processor. These qualities enable the R7 to create images with resolutions of up to 50 megapixels, Super Macro, Beautify, and a host of other features.

Take great pictures like a pro, hassle free

As the OPPO R7 camera phone is armed with the "fast, accurate and stable" Flash Shot, all-new ISOCELL sensor technology, Schneider Kreuznach-certified lens and Pure Image 2.0+ image processor, even an ordinary user can take impressive pictures effortlessly. You don't have to be a professional photographer to take professional quality pictures, the OPPO R7 does the hard work for you.