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    [ROM][4.2.2] ★ XYLON ★ | Official | Mako |


    La garanzia è ora invalidata.
    Lo sviluppatore non è responsabile per telefoni brickati, sd card morte, guerre termonucleari, o che voi prendiate fuoco a causa del fatto che l'app allarme non ha funzionato a dovere. Per favore informatevi su questa rom e sulle sue features prima di flasharla! Tu stai scegliendo di fare queste modifiche, e se punterai il dito contro di noi per danni al tuo telefono, noi rideremo di te. (Ovviamente scherzosamente xD)

    Leggete il primo post per intero prima di fare domande, le quali risposte sono contenute in esso!


    Venite da un'altra rom?
    1. Fate tutti i Wipe!
    2. Flashate la ROM (xylon_mako_XXX_XXXXXXXX.zip)
    3. Flashate le GApps
    4. Flashate un custom Kernel
    5. Reboot

    Venite da un'altra versione della Xylon?
    1. Wipe cache/dalvik cache
    2. Flashate la ROM (xylon_mako_XXX_XXXXXXXX.zip)
    3. Flashate le GApps
    4. Flashate un custom Kernel
    5. Reboot



    May 4 Build 2

    May 4
    Mirror by tlongren
    -MediaProvider: MediaScanner behavior on boot
    -native: add flag to disable legacy sensors fusion
    -Updates to Samsung phones
    -Updates to HTC phones
    -Add HTC One support
    -Fix codes
    -Fix m7's hybrid
    -Battery: Solid green when battery is full and introduce 4th stage
    0-14: red
    15-69: orange
    70-99: yellow
    100: solid green
    -Update PieMenu.java
    -Update PieStatusPanel.java
    -Update PieItem.java
    -Update PieExpandPanel.java
    -Update PieControl.java
    -Update PieControlPanel.java
    -A fail type rebasing of PIE ("We don't want to rebase PIE, we stick to default ParanoidAndroid's method wise... Because once they're done, we rebasing to PIE2. And there is no much difference between Vanir's and ours.")
    -Revert "[webkit] Runtime enablement of WebGL"
    -Frameworks: recents rearrangement recents + fixes
    -PIE tweak-a-roonie: Remove from lockscreen
    -Framework: CustomToggle Improvements (!Advanced)
    -Framework: Fix recents animation bug for all
    -Remove codes no longer needed
    -Remove deprecated method (LS Shortcuts is no longer in use..)
    -Fix remove framelayout recents background
    -Fix visual glitch rambar
    -number of notification icons in tab ui
    -Change bluetooth timeout value wording
    -Someone forgot to put text at the end of line 2740
    -Version related stuff
    -Grammar fixes, string changes, better explanations, and fill missing strings
    -Add 15 second increasing ring interval option
    -Remove .5 second ring interval option
    -Increase MAX_SERVICES in RunningState.java
    -Reduce CONTENTS_UPDATE_DELAY in RunningState.java
    -Fix build error
    -Fix spacing error
    -Merge branch 'jellybean' of https://github.com/XYAOSP/packages_apps_Settings into jellybean
    -Track MediaProvider
    -Track HTC One
    -Fix random warm reboots
    -build: Add support for extra kernel build variables
    -ROMControl: CustomToggle Improvements (!Advanced)
    -Fix and remove some translations
    -Update of some French Translations
    -Some fix of Simplified Chinese translations
    -Update Korean Translations
    -Move Navigation Color on the right fragment

    May 1
    Mirror by tlongren
    -Mako: Use arm-eabi-4.7 instead of linaro atm
    -Mako: Adds continues focus for mako
    -Settings: Update of some French Translations
    -Settings: WLAN configuration (static address): reject IPv6 addresses.
    -Add Permissions Management to AOKP
    -Frameworks: Revert "Status bar Auto-Hide
    -Frameworks: Revert "Frameworks: Ehance toggleNotificationShade feature"
    -Frameworks: Revert "Fix and cleanup Expanded Desktop Mode"
    -Frameworks: Some Expanded Desktop changes
    -Frameworks: More changes
    -Frameworks: Fix divisions by zero on boot.
    -Frameworks: Dirty fix
    -Frameworks: Expanded Desktop Toggle
    -Frameworks: Remove extra space with circle battery.
    -Frameworks: Hidden Statusbar Pulldown Timeout
    -Frameworks: settings: arrayList API rework
    -Update tuna
    -Build PermissionsManager
    -Code fixes
    -Fetch PermissionsManager
    -Phone: google maybe likes empty strings we not
    -Merge branch 'cm-10.1' of git://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Contacts into jellybean
    -Mako kernel fixes
    -XYSettings: Added some French translations.
    -XYSettings: RC: Ribbon use updated getArray / putArray
    -XYSettings: Hidden Statusbar Timeout
    -XYSettings: Move some lockscreen settings
    -XYSettings: Update of some Simplified Chinese translations
    -XYSettings: More translation fixes

    April 27
    Mirror by tlongren
    -Let's not break original tc
    -Samsung phones update
    -Mako kernel: Merge branch 'linux/linux-3.4.y' into jellybean
    -Mako kernel: Remove some codes
    -Mako kernel: ARM: add auto hotplug driver
    -Mako kernel: Reduce the amount of time system has before hotplug driver starts
    -Mako kernel: auto_hotplug: enable the min_online_cpus value
    -Mako kernel: auto_hotplug: tweaks
    -Mako kernel: Add max_online_cpus feature
    -Mako kernel: Revert "msm: acpuclock-8064: Lower VDD_DIG voltage vote for L2 at 384MHz"
    -Mako kernel: Revert "msm: acpuclock-krait: Keep the secondary MUX input fixed"
    -Mako kernel: -100 mV UV across the board
    -Mako kernel: Fix typo for voltage
    -Mako kernel: Add voltage table for the "faster" chip.
    -Mako kernel: Add a 288 Mhz CPU step and remove the 432 Mhz step
    -Mako kernel: Fix the "faster" CPU table
    -Mako kernel: 487.5 Mhz GPU OC
    -Mako kernel: Fix compile error for GPU OC option
    -Mako kernel: Disable some CPU frequency steps
    -Mako kernel: Add a 192 Mhz CPU frequency step
    -Mako kernel: board: mako: add support for retention power state on mako's board. Borrow touch values from Harsh.
    -Mako kernel: More fixes
    -Mako kernel: Fix up some various naming issues after inclusion of max_online_cpus code
    -XYSettings: RC: Ribbon seperate the swipe ribbons.
    -XYSettings: French translations
    -Camera: Voice Shutter: Voice triggered snapshots
    -Camera: Timer Snapshot
    -Switch to Koush (Superuser) (AOKP & CM = White on white.)
    -Code fixes
    -Fix Landscape Bug? (NOT FIXED)
    -Fix Superuser theme bug ?
    -Code tweaks
    -Added Pinoyz and his Goo.im

    April 26
    Mirror by tlongren
    -Change to version 2.7.3
    -Samsung phone updates
    -Switch to koush & CM (To fix white on white bug.)
    -XYSettings: Korean Translations
    -XYSettings: French Translations
    -Ribbon: Use NavBar Zero method to get Bottom Switch
    -Ability to hide Volume toggles in Power Menu
    -Mako Kernel: 3.4.41 from linux.org
    -Mako Kernel: block,elevator: use new hashtable implementation
    -Mako Kernel: Revert "mako: EHCI: HSIC: Add support to vote for SVS digital voltage"
    -Mako Kernel: Revert "EHCI: HSIC: Add support to vote for SVS digital voltage"
    -Mako Kernel: Revert "Voltage Control: initial voltage control for MSM S4-Pro SOC"
    -Mako Kernel: Revert "Voltage Control: add sysfs interface"
    -Mako Kernel: Mako (absolute) Voltage control.
    -Mako Kernel: msm: acpuclock-krait: NULL terminate L2 table for find_cur_l2_level()
    -Mako Kernel: msm: acpuclock-krait: Keep the secondary MUX input fixed
    -Mako Kernel: msm: acpuclock-8064: Lower VDD_DIG voltage vote for L2 at 384MHz
    -Mako Kernel: board: mako-regulator: decrease voltage requirements.
    -Mako Kernel: Undervolt: clean it up, make it elegant and remove the constrain of fixed set of NUM_FREQS - its not dynamic based on the number of freqs used for scaling via an external function.
    -Mako Kernel: Undervolt: few minor changes, mostly for clarity.
    -Mako Kernel: Undervolt: add checks to disallow too extreme voltages, min and max.
    -Mako Kernel: USB force fast charging
    -Mako Kernel: Enable Userspace Voltage Control
    -Mako Kernel: Scheduler: Set ROW by default
    -Remove CleanMaster
    -Remove code (Breaks root)
    -Code caused setup wizard to restart after accessing root from an app then reboot.
    -wtf not trying to be a pain. I removed these for various issues, including a resulting bootloop.
    -FrameWorks - Restore Padding in NavBar Buttons.
    -Merge branch 'jellybean' of https://github.com/XYAOSP/frameworks_base into jellybean
    -Some code changes? (Since we dont use mCurentUIMode from AOKP anymore, change to mSystemUiLayout?)
    -Navbar: Bring inline with AOKP frameworks
    -Revert "Swiping on the top of full screen apps shows status bar for 10 seconds"
    -Fix build errors

    April 24
    Mirror by tlongren
    -Samsung phone updates
    -RC: Ribbons Padding, Click Options, Rearrange Dialog (Sliders for adjustable padding, fix save with no
    targets, click vibrate options, show long press icon if short click empty, Dialog for rearranging icons
    access from menu)
    -Change to com.xylon.settings from com.aokp.romcontrol
    -Remove some codes
    -XYSettings: French translations
    -FrameWorks: Ribbons Padding, Click options, autohide updates
    -Frameworks: FX: NavRing fix longpress derp.
    -Revert "A few minor changes"
    -android_hardware_qcom_display-caf: Merge pull request #12 from CyanogenMod/cm-10.1
    -android_hardware_qcom_media: Merge branch 'jb2' into cm-10.1
    -android_hardware_qcom_media: mm-video: Use actual kernel headers for all builds
    -Mako: Changes to make it compile with Google's GCC 4.7 toolchain.
    -Mako: Revert "Revert "DO NOT MERGE JAPAN(440,441): 110,118,119,112,911""
    -Mako: Enable ARP offload
    -Mako: Some derps
    -Change to Semaphore?
    -Update some codes/spelling errors

    April 23
    Mirror by tlongren
    -Fix codes in dalvik
    -XYSettings: Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/jellybean' into korean
    -XYSettings: fixes for 2.7.0 & remove arrays
    -XYSettings: French translations
    -Settings: French translations
    -Samsung phones update
    -Revert icon changes
    -Settings: Remove some useless Korean strings
    -XYSettings: Update Korean translations
    -More consistent spelling
    -Code fixes

    April 22
    Mirror by tlongren
    -Change version 2.7.0
    -Update some codes
    -24bit part 2: I forgot to add the other 8_24 bit format
    -Don't start keyguard in an attempt to exit it.
    -Swiping on the top of full screen apps shows status bar for 10 seconds
    -Policy: Lockscreen Targets Unlock speed update
    -Frameworks: Lockscreen Tint Color
    -Add "private boolean mUnlockBroadcasted = false;" to code
    -QuickSettings: UserTile: Open full contact page
    -KeyEvent: update comment
    -Settings: Broadcast ACTION_DATE_CHANGED
    -Merge branch 'jellybean' of https://github.com/XYAOSP/packages_apps_Settings into jellybean
    -Settings: Lockscreen Tint Color
    -Disable Colorpreference for custom image and color fill
    -Merge pull request #62 from franco-c/patch-1
    -Update to Sony Yuga
    -Mako: Revert "Enable ARP offload"
    -Update to Asus Grouper
    -Android build: Let the script be crazy once (
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