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    [ROM][ICS] Zelly Cream 3.0.1

    [ROM]Zelly Cream => Xperia Z+Jelly Bean+ICS [Fast+Stable+Beautiful+Battery][17/02/13] - xda-developers

    * About Zelly Cream ROM

    As we all know that ICS update from Sony is very laggy and we are not going to have Jelly Bean for our devices I tried to customize the stock ICS ROM to have the latest Jelly Bean features on our devices. I managed all the things in this ROM to have a beautiful UI without sacrificing the speed and battery life. This rom is a stock ICS .431/.587 based custom ROM, for our 2011 HDPI Xperia devices, which is heavily customized to look like the upcoming Xperia Z. The base framework of ROM is highly customized to have an awesome GUI, services of this ROM are supercharged to make it super-fast ROM for gaming and multitasking experience and several tweaks extends the backup of phone. Since this rom looks like Xperia Z (to some extent) and has several Jelly Bean and ICS features and apps, thus I named it as Zelly Cream ROM. This rom has best of my Smart Settings, LockScreen Style app and my latest feature Boost My Xperia™. So forget those laggy ICS days, install my ROM, sit back and fly high with your phone.
    * ROM Features

    • ROM based on ICS .431/.587

    • Highly customized rom by AROMA installer.

    • Super fast, super stable and great battery life without sacrificing UI.

    • 100% bloatware free ROM.

    • CWM ready and pre-rooted ROM.

    • Latest Super User binaries.

    • Init.d support.

    • SuperCharged services with Time Killer Killer mod.

    • Butterly smooth interface (try and experince by yourself).

    • Latest Adreno libs.

    • Latest Xperia T Jelly Bean messaging app with dual UI.

    • Latest Xperia T Jelly Bean keyboard.

    • Latest Xperia T Jelly Bean notes apps and walkman widget.

    • Latest Xperia T Jelly Bean media apps.

    • Latest Xperia T Jelly Bean media libs for better video and sound quality.

    • Latest Cyber-shot mod

    • Xperia T Jelly Bean small apps.

    • WiFi-Direct port(partially) by me.

    • Dual lockscreen support (JB and NXT lockscreen).

    • Jelly Bean lockscreen (slightly modded by me to suit my rom).

    • Jelly Bean easteregg (shows rom name).

    • Jelly Bean Google Play and GMail app.

    • Xperia Z themed framework for awesome user interface.

    • Xperia Z styled SystemUI with centered clock.

    • Xperia Z default themes by me.

    • Xperia Z default wallpapers by me.

    • Latest LockScreen Style™ app exclusively by me.

    • RAM tweaks to get 100-120 mb free RAM always (for great multitasking).

    • New Boost My Xperia™ feature to boost your rom to play HD games exclusively by me.

    • And many more, explore by yourself

    * Aroma Features

    • Device selection

    • Launcher selection [Xperia GX | Xperia Launcher | Xperia Jelly Bean]

    • Bootloader selection [Xperia T Jelly Bean | Nexus]

    • Font selection [Jelly Bean | Xperia S | Stock]

    • Ringtone selection [Zelly Cream | Stock]

    • Root app [Super User | SuperSU]

    Additional features in Aroma (install if required)
    • Root Browser Lite

    • Titanium Backup

    • Task Killer

    • Facebook Integration

    • Social Engine Core

    • Sony Timescape

    • Live wallpaper support

    Xperia Z themed framework, wallpapers and themes
    Jelly Bean Media Apps, JB media libs and fixed SoundEnhancement, NXT style Infinite view
    Dual Lockscreen support (AOSP and Jelly Bean lockscreen)

    Great RAM Management

    Xperia Z JB themed SystemUI

    Xperia T Jelly Bean messaging app

    All new Smart Settings

    * Changelog

    Zelly Cream 1.2.3 (17/02/13) (after few hours of first release. )
    OTA Support added
    More optimized Boost My Xperia™ app (v1.2)
    Fixed FC on location based wifi.

    Zelly Cream 1.2.0 (17/02/13)
    Official release with features mentioned above.

    Zelly Cream 1.0
    Initial release (not released)
    * installation instructions

    before installing this rom, make sure you have a complete nandroid backup and you have performed all the necessary steps, otherwise you may get bootloop. I will not be responsible for any kind of damage or loss to your phone, do this at your own risk. Read carefully and follow the steps to install the rom.

    * Locked BL

    1. Reboot to cwm.
    2. Wipe data/factory reset.
    3. Wipe cache partition.
    4. Wipe dalvic cache under advanced menu.
    5. Wipe battery stats under advanced menu.
    6. Format data under mount and storage menu.
    7. Format system under mount and storage menu.
    8. Format cache under mount and storage menu.
    9. Install zip from sd card.
    10. Follow the steps in aroma installer to install the rom.
    11. Reboot your device when installation completed

    * Unlocked BL

    1. First flash stock .587 ftf file for your device to avoid bootloop. (below is the link)
    2. Install your desired kernel. (list of compatible kernels will be added soon)
    3. Reboot to cwm.
    4. Wipe data/factory reset.
    5. Wipe cache partition.
    6. Wipe dalvic cache under advanced menu.
    7. Wipe battery stats under advanced menu.
    8. Format data under mount and storage menu.
    9. Format system under mount and storage menu.
    10. Format cache under mount and storage menu.
    11. Install zip from sd card.
    12. Follow the steps in aroma installer to install the rom.
    13. Reboot your device when installation completed.

    Note: after installation, first boot may take several minutes (to create cache, dalvic cache etc.) to start your device. Leave your device for 20-30 minutes to settle down the rom. Also at first boot you may notice a high ram usages (less free ram). It is natural because android system occupy a lot of memory while settling down the new rom. After 30-40 minutes reboot your device and you are now ready to fly with your newly installed rom.
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  2. Ha detto giuppys69 :
    prime impressioni su questa ricca rom ,attualmente ho la racing bean e mi trovo bene
  3. Ha detto yanner :
    Zelly Cream v3.0.1 - True Xperia Z JB ROM - Final Build [10/06/13]
    Aggiornamento di questa interessantissima rom basata su ICS .587

    * Build no. Zelly Cream v3.0.1 - Final Build.
    * Built from scratch using .587 FTF file.
    * Added power of ZC lite version with beauty of ZC full version - One rom instead of two separate ROMs.
    * Feel like having Xperia 2013. - Thanks to abcdjdj for sharing Xperia SP system dump
    * Useless apps removed.
    * New Xperia 2013 Walkman from Xperia SP - Fast and RAM friendly.
    * New Xperia 2013 sound picker app from Xperia SP.
    * New Xperia 2013 location based wifi from Xperia SP - Faster.
    * New Xperia Z SystemUI with panel settings - Removed 4.2 styled SystemUI (saves RAM). - (author pls PM me so that I can give you credits)
    * Added AC!D Audio mod for best sound quality. - Thanks to awesome Team AC!D
    * Enabled Beats Audio accross system level (just took 5MB of RAM).
    * Working ClearAudio+ along with Beats audio to produce best sound - Feel the best sound mod by me.
    * Modded stock camera - Removed cyber-shot. (flash cyber-shot of your choice)
    * Latest/Updated Google Play Store with updated Google Play services core.
    * Added Sony album app. - Thanks to Rizal Lovins
    * Added Whether widget.
    * Added stock ICS dialer - Removed Xperia S dialer (saves RAM).
    * Added Xperia Z style SemcPhone.apk - Thanks to Till-Kurpse
    * Added Google Keep - Removed Sony notes app.
    * Working Social Enginge Core inside Sony album app.
    * Mobile Bravia Engine - Removed BE2 (saves RAM).
    * Re-niced services.jar
    * NXT Lockscreen - Removed JB lockscreen. - Thanks to aeon world
    * More free RAM is available.
    * Xperia S messaging app - Removed Xperia Z conversation app (saves RAM).
    * Maintained battery life with better graphics.
    * Fixed LED bug.
    * Removed OTA.
    * Removed Small apps - Saves much RAM.
    * Removed useless tweaks.
    * And much more...
  4. Ha detto Skull71 :
    Qualcuno l'ha provata?
    E' una rom jelly si devono installare le mod e kernel per jelly?
  5. Ha detto yanner :
    È una rom ics su base 587
  6. Ha detto fakher :
    Questa rom sul mio cellulare lo rende davvero lento e in piu le app si killano da sole ogni minuto