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Nextbit Robin rispetta la sua agenda: confermate le prime spedizioni a fine gennaio

Nicola Ligas

La produzione di massa di Nextbit Robin si avvicina, e l’azienda ci tiene a far sapere ai suoi sostenitori e finanziatori che le cose procedono bene e che la tabella di marcia è per ora pienamente rispettata (cosa affatto scontata nell’incerto panorama del crowdfunding).

E se l’hardware è in orario, anche il software non è da meno, con le varie funzionalità tutte già definite e lo sviluppo delle stesse al punto giusto.

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Morale della favola: a fine gennaio partiranno le spedizioni ai primi finanziatori, ed allora inizieremo a capire se l’idea di uno smartphone “mezzo sulla terra e mezzo tra le nuvole” sia valida o meno. Qualcuno di voi ne ha già acquistato uno?

We’re getting close

Last week was busy here at rebel base headquarters, sorry for the delay in getting an update to you guys! Even though the engineering team cut the first software build, you wouldn’t be able to tell. Activity level is still pretty high around here. What can we say? We’re perfectionists.

We’ve also had some exciting deliveries here in the office that we want to share with you.
Better prototypes

We’re getting close to actual mass production units of Robin. This morning, we received a highly-anticipated package. We now have our DVT units. We can definitely see the differences between units from earlier in the production stages. You can also see Santhosh here flashing them all.
Oh Sheep!

For our Holiday Special, we had a whole bunch of our sheep mascots mailed to our rebel base. Thanks to help from our team of rebels, we were able to get all the sheep for the Holiday Special mailed out last week. Check out your first look at the Nextbit mascot. Thanks to our friends at Dead Zebra!
How’s production going?

We know you’re all excited to receive your Robins. Last Wednesday, we had a meeting to go over the production schedule and progress. Saro has practically moved to China to keep the hardware on track. The software is progressing as expected. We are feature locked and on track to be code locked. The most important update to come out of this meeting is that we are on track to ship Early Adopter specials in late January. We will have another update at CES with specific dates.

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