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SwiftKey Beta si aggiorna ancora

Nicola Ligas -

SwiftKey continua a macinare una beta dopo l’altra della sua futura versione 4.3, aggiungendo più lingue, un migliore supporto per le tastiere fisiche, e altro. Prima di lasciarvi quindi il changelog completo, vi ricordiamo che questa beta in particolare si concentra sui layout multipli, introdotti per adattare al meglio la tastiera al tipo di dispositivo utilizzato, e che ci consentono anche di sganciare la tastiera dalla parte inferiore della schermata. Inoltre, con l’introduzione di questa versione, SwiftKey per smartphone e per tablet diventano un’unica app.

SwiftKey unisce finalmente le versioni smartphone e tablet nell’ultima beta.

  • Candidate bar no longer disappears when switching to/from Bluetooth/hard keyboards
  • Candidate bar no longer covers text field when using Bluetooth/hard keyboard
  • Flow now works in the compact layout after reboot
  • Dvorak does display correctly in split mode
  • Dragging with two fingers in undocked thumb layout now works properly
  • Thai keyboard does show bottom row in email fields
  • Keystrokes saved statistic now works correctly
  • Heatmap is back
  • Added Bulgarian BDS, Svorak, Qwertz_Serbian, Armenian, Georgian, Russian Phonetic, Ukrainian and Farsi layouts

Problemi noti:

  • The following keyboards are currently unavailable: Arabic, Tamil, and Albanian and – you can still download these language models but you will not be able to slide the spacebar to show Arabic characters
  • If you have “show arrow keys” selected, they will only show when the keyboard is docked (not when it is floating)
  • Keyboard undocking will not work on devices running Gingerbread and Froyo. This is due to limitations in the OS, and we will not be able to resolve this
  • Some combinations of size and mode can resize beyond screen limit (so not all the keyboard will be shown)
  • Pitch theme sometimes shows a white background when flowing
  • Lag when opening Languages page of Settings menu
  • Force close when downloading a language pack after changing orientation
  • Predictions ribbon shown when sd card is removed
  • When a long press gives more than one possible character some of those characters may not be selectable
  • Space bar sound is the same as that for all other keys
  • The character on the currency key on the Korean layout ends up far too big when capitalized
  • Problems with the floating (undocked) thumb (split) keyboard:
  • 1 – Smart punctuation key shows different order and doesn’t allow to select the rightmost character (comma)
  • 2 – Only shows one pane on Sony Xperia ST21i

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