Dolphin Browser si aggiorna col supporto ai temi, 21 nuove lingue e importanti partnership

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Dolphin Browser annuncia un importante aggiornamento, che non solo lo vede sempre più globale, con l’aggiunta di 21 nuove lingue, ma che ci permette anche di personalizzare la nostra esperienza di navigazione con vari colori o sfondi (prossimamente arriveranno anche delle skin complete). E se le immagini proposte non fossero di vostro gradimento (come resistere al “dubbioso” gattino?), potete sempre caricarne una dalla vostra galleria, cliccando appunto su Gallery.

In aggiunta, Dolphin ha annunciato la partnerships con vari motori di ricerca sparsi per il mondo, come Baidu in Cina, Yandex in Russia, DuckDuckGo in USA, e Yahoo! in Giappone, in modo da personalizzare l’esperienza utente in varie aree del mondo, così da venire incontro alle esigenze locali (anche se Google avrebbe probabilmente da ridire).

Un aggiornamento forse non dei più corposi, ma che getta comunque delle ottime basi per il futuro, e ora largo al badge e poi al comunicato stampa.

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Sequoia-Backed Dolphin Announces Global Partnerships with Baidu, Yandex, Yahoo! Japan and DuckDuckGo

Dolphin joins forces with leading search engines in international markets to take its mobile browser global, letting users choose any search engine they want

San Francisco, September 26, 2013 — Today, Dolphin Browser is announcing numerous strategic partnerships with popular search engines in international markets in order to continue its swift global expansion. The company’s announcement comes in tandem with a newly updated browser for Android that has fresh content discovery and customization features that are adapted and localized to each country. Dolphin’s flexible browser is making strong headway in global markets, as consumers seek online experiences that are culturally appropriate and personalized to their tastes.

Dolphin is formally announcing partnerships with DuckDuckGo in the United States, Yandex in Russia, Baidu in China, and Yahoo! Japan, with plans for further international expansion in the coming months. Dolphin has partnered with each of these leading search engines to bring innovation and a more cohesive experience to mobile browsing. Most importantly, Dolphin is bringing culturalization in markets around the world by tailoring the offered Dolphin Browser to the needs of each specific country. Dolphin’s international versions are designed to better serve users in “mobile-first” countries, who do all of their browsing from a mobile phone, by bringing content directly to users, acting as an entertainment hub and portal for news, music and games.

“The U.S. browser market is dominated by Google and Apple. However, the international market for mobile browsing has been left wide open,” said Yongzhi Yang, CEO of Dolphin. “Dolphin is leading the charge in emerging markets where hundreds of millions of users are discovering content via mobile web for the very first time. These are truly ‘mobile-first and only’ users that have no context of a desktop experience, which is more prevalent in the U.S.”

In addition to these partnerships, Dolphin is also announcing an update to their Android browser, which includes the ability to choose from a variety of themes and colors for the browser, along with set any existing picture the user has as a background. The update also includes support for 21 unique languages to better serve the browser’s ever-growing international community.

“We’re proud to have created these critical partnerships with top search engines in international markets,” said Dolphin’s VP of Business Development, Edith Yeung. “By leveraging our insight and knowledge about these mobile-first markets, and truly listening to our customers, we’ve created something that is not only customizable to the individual, but is customized for entire cultures. We’re excited for the future of these international markets, and have some big plans ahead at home in the U.S. as well.”

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Dolphin is committed to advancing the mobile revolution by improving the way people experience the mobile web. The company is led by an international team of proven engineers and entrepreneurs and backed by leading venture capitalist firm Sequoia Capital. Dolphin has catalyzed the mobile revolution with the launch of Dolphin Browser, a free web-browser specifically optimized for mobile users. Dolphin is offered for smartphone and tablet devices on both Android and iOS and allows users across the globe to customize their browser, making the browsing experience truly unique. Dolphin browser is YOUR browser!