Madfinger Games pronta a portare i suoi titoli su OUYA e GameStick

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Madfinger Games, nota principalmente per la serie di Shadowgun e per Dead Trigger, ha annunciato di essere al lavoro anche sulle nuove console Android OUYA e Gamestick. In particolare Shadowngun arriverà su OUYA il 4 luglio, e sarà già pronto al lancio di GameStick, mentre anche i titoli precedenti, il già citato Dead Trigger e Samurai II Vengeance, non sono da escludere.

Per quanto riguarda i controller, Dead Trigger supporterà sia Moga Pro che Wikipad; quest’ultima aggiungerà al proprio elenco di titoli compatibili anche Shadowgun: DeadZone. 

Il gaming Android si sta insomma espandendo oltre i tradizionali smartphone e tablet, e Madfinger Games non vuole farsi trovare impreparata in materia. Magari le sarebbe utile un ripassino sulle date (guardate il comunicato stampa dopo lo stacco e capirete).

Shadowgun goes to Ouya and Gamestick, Dead Trigger rolls out to Wikipad

April 31, 2013 – Brno, Czech Republic – MADFINGER Games, developer studio responsible for mobile gaming hits such as Shadowgun and Dead Trigger, has announced that, in the upcoming months, it will begin support for several game consoles, which are either already available on the market or are presently under release.

“New platforms such as Gamestick, Ouya and gaming peripherals from MOGA and Wikipad have given our independent development studio the opportunity to broaden its reach to include another part of the gaming community. It validates the strength behind the portfolio of Android applications, which can boldly compete with the offering of AAA titles available on traditional game consoles,” said Tomáš Šlápota, Vice President at MADFINGER Games.

Owners of Ouya consoles can get in on the action with last year’s hit among mobile games, the third-person shooter Shadowgun, which is scheduled for release on June 4, 2013.  MADFINGER Games has not ruled out Ouya support with its previous games, including its oldest title, the hack’n’slash Samurai II: Vengeance or even its most recent, Dead Trigger.
“We are thrilled to bring Shadowgun to OUYA” said Kellee Santiago, Head of Developer Relations for OUYA. “Our gamers have been asking for it since Day 1, so we’re excited to announce that it will be available to them, and with a free-to-try model exclusively for OUYA.”

Another Kickstarter console – PlayJam’s GameStick – will come pre-installed with Shadowgun for those who backed the GameStick Kickstarter campaign in order to pre-order a unit. Moreover Shadowgun will be available on GameStick’s separate Marketplace.

“Madfinger Games have produced some amazing games – with engaging gameplay and beautiful graphics that has set the benchmark for high quality games on mobiles and tablets”, said Sameer Baroova, Head of Games at PlayJam.
Another gaming device for which MADFINGER is currently developing support for, is Wikipad, which will offer compatibility with Dead Trigger, Shadowgun, and even Shadowgun: DeadZone. Shadowgun: DeadZone and Dead Trigger come preloaded on Wikipad.

“MADFINGER’s games take full advantage of Wikipad’s patented dual analogy gamepad controller instantly transforming them into AAA console-like gaming experiences. Our partnership with MADFINGER embodies how the next-generation of gaming will take place across multiple platforms including mobile rather than just in the traditional console space,” said Fraser Townley, President, Sales, Wikipad Inc.

At the beginning of 2013, MADFINGER Games began close cooperation with PowerA, the manufacturer of the MOGA controller. MOGA already supports Shadowgun: DeadZone, as well as Dead Trigger, which after the next update, will be available for play to those with the latest MOGA Pro controller. MADFINGER Games is presently working on support for the first title from the series, Shadowgun.

“MOGA is proud to have the support of MADFINGER Games, delivering amazing gameplay experiences with MOGA Pro and Pocket controllers to owners of all their titles,“ said Eric Bensussen, President of PowerA.

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