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SwiftKey X: la nuova generazione delle tastiere predittive

Nicola Ligas

Era da un po’ di tempo che non parlavamo di SwiftKey, una delle tastiere alternative più popolari dell’Android Market; lo facciamo oggi per presentarvi la beta di quella che sarà la sua prossima versione, che promette di portare il mondo delle tastiere predittive nella prossima generazione.

SwiftKey X, questo l’avveniristico nome attuale della nuova versione, è già disponibile per il download gratuito dall’Android Market, in quanto ancora in fase di beta testing (sebbene sia compatibile solo con Android 2.x).

Per chi non conoscesse questo tipo di tastiera, ricordiamo che SwiftKey impara dallo stile di scrittura del suo proprietario analizzando gli account Facebook, Gmail, Twitter e gli SMS, dopodiché userà i dati raccolti per predire di volta in volta la prossima parola durante la digitazione. Sembra futuristico ed improbabile per chiunque non l’abbia provata, ma l’avvento di questa nuova versione di testing gratuita potrebbe proprio essere l’occasione per testarla e verificarne le qualità.

Tra le migliorie di questa nuova versione segnaliamo il “Personal Input Modeling”, che altera dinamicamente le regioni sensibili al tocco della tastiera, in base a quanto accurato è il modo di scrivere dell’utente. E’ possibile inoltre personalizzare la tastiera con dei temi, in modo da plasmarla non solo sul nostro stile di scrittura ma anche sui nostri gusti.

Vi lasciamo con alcune immagini ed il comunicato stampa ufficiale (in inglese), oltre all’invito a provarla e a farci sapere cosa ne pensate.

This time it’s personal.

LONDON, UK — Android™’s most popular keyboard app took a major leap forward Friday, as its successor SwiftKey™ X launched in public beta.

The world’s first ‘Social AI’ keyboard can analyze your Facebook®, Twitter® and Gmail™ sent messages in the cloud and use these insights to offer smart, personal and instant phrase prediction from first use.

It builds on the success of developer TouchType’s first AI keyboard, SwiftKey. The technology company was named among Google’s ‘Top 150 Developers’ on Android earlier this month, with its award-winning app consistently among the most-downloaded, highest-rated on the platform.

“SwiftKey has already been a remarkable success on Android; it’s been downloaded more than a million times and is used to send over 100 million messages each month,” TouchType’s CEO and co-founder, Jonathan Reynolds, said.

“Thanks to our unique text entry technology, we’ve achieved many accolades, including being asked to demonstrate alongside Google at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, winning the Mobile Premier Award for best app while there, and being embedded in phone-maker INQ’s flagship Android handset,” Reynolds said.

“But with SwiftKey X, we’re taking a quantum leap forward. This new beta improves on the original in every way, and it will stun those who try it.”

SwiftKey X was built in collaboration with TouchType’s community of passionate ‘VIP’ users over the past six months, giving the new app a combination of cutting-edge innovation and hotly requested feature improvements.

“When engineering SwiftKey X, we’ve been continually inspired by the stream of excellent ideas that have come from our VIPs,” TouchType’s CTO and co-founder, Dr. Ben Medlock, said.

“This new app is built from a much clearer understanding of how our users interact with their devices. With SwiftKey X, from the word go it’ll feel like your phone just knows what you want to say.”

In addition to cloud-based personalization, SwiftKey X contains a brand new version of TouchType’s flagship Fluency™ language inference engine, which is at the heart of the app’s ‘mind reading’ capability.

Improvements to Fluency include ‘Personal Input Modeling’, which dynamically alters the touch-sensitive regions of keys based on how accurate your typing is. There are also two new ‘typing styles’ – Precise and Rapid – which ensure predictions and corrections work in harmony with the way you type.

SwiftKey X contains many UI and customization improvements, including a totally redesigned installer and settings menu, and a theming framework that allows users to change the look of their keyboard.

The app also now supports 17 languages, and remains the leading keyboard on the market that uses AI to intelligently interpret text input in multiple languages simultaneously.

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