Aggiornamento MIUI 1.4.8, nuova grafica per la Musica

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Come ogni settimana(anche se con un lieve ritardo di qualche ora), il team cinese ha rilasciato un aggiornamento per il famosissimo firmware MIUI. Le novità introdotte non sono molte. molti bugfix, alcuni miglioramenti e l’aggiornamento della applicazione Musica con la nuova grafica.

Con gli aggiornamenti settimanali la MIUI si guadagna il primo post fra le ROM più supportate. VI lasciamo al lungo changelog:


  • The interface which allows you to set a full screen caller ID (for when someone calls you) has been improved and made easier to use.
  • Add: add a call to set whether to display the picture of the switch
  • Fixed: Caller ID image is too large may lead to the problem of missing a call
  • Repair: T9 search to match the English text or numbers will lead to smaller problems
  • Optimization: During a call, the status bar transparent
  • Optimization: Improving the efficiency of the call, the call process as transparent as the lock screen wallpaper, desktop wallpaper does not appear


  • Add: Contact Group, the third edition of new UI
  • Added: Caller ID select photos to support the operation of rotating
  • Added: contact details, the length increased by a single call log deletion
  • Fix: Sometimes Caller ID can not solve the problem of preservation
  • Fix: After joining the group will still be the question display is empty


  • Improvements in the messaging app (which now contains Orchas UI)  If you want to try it now

Theme Manager 

  • The ThemeManager app has been updated to allow the theming of other android components, such as the lockscreen


  • Allow notes to be backed up by Google Sync
  • Added: individual notes to set the alarm to remind the entrance: Outgoing Menu – “More -> Remind me
  • Added: Support notes program-level encryption, can be in the system settings -> Personal -> personal password to open


  • Now contains Orchas UI
  • New widgets (4×1, 4×2 and 4×4)


  • New: in the lock-screen interface, long press Home button to quickly use the torch
  • Optimization: beautify desktop MIUI flashlight, and help increase


  • Optimization: the “Programs” to remove from the notification bar, click Home to return to a long breath before
  • Optimization: increase the top notification bar signal, wifi, data, Bluetooth status icon
  • Optimization: no longer distinguish between left and right down, down into the notice on the notice board by default, if you enter the switch without notice
  • Optimization: lock screen mode, a notification will display notifications when the status bar the number of

Text editor

  • Add: multiple clipboard feature that allows copy and paste the contents of up to three
  • FIX: Edit menu in some cases the problem will block the entry box
  • Fixed: pasting a space after the question before and after


  • Optimization: boot welcome message pop-up carrier, the third edition of UI adaptation
  • Optimization: System Settings horizontal sliders (for example, drag the volume control bar)
  • Optimization: backup UI, fine-tuning the details of
  • Optimization: traffic monitoring interface, the third edition of UI adaptation
  • Optimization: notes, flashlight, camera, desktop icon, use the default theme without adding floor
  • Add: Add a one-click on the desktop screen lock App
  • Fix: Unlock PIN pattern set trajectory is not visible the issue is not the role of
  • Add: Anti bother to phone or text message interception, the status bar icon will become an exclamation point
  • Fixed: Anti-disturb the status bar notifications problem of information will be truncated

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