La spedizione dei nuovi Notion Ink è stata rimandata

Alessandro Ceccon

Dopo aver spedito i primi esemplari nel Notion Ink Adam (non senza problemi) l’azienza ha dovuto rimandare la seconda consegna prevista per i primi giorni di Febbraio a causa di alcuni esemplari di touch screen danneggiati.

Nel comunicato si legge che solamente il 5% di tali dispositivi è stato soggetto a tale problema ma, per evitare qualsiasi disguido, tutta la spedizione è stata rimandata: non è possibile, infatti, sapere con certezza se vi sono stati altri problemi e quindi occorrerà un pò di tempo per verificare.

La spedizione è stata rinviata al 14 Febbraio. Ecco a voi il comunicato ufficiale disponibile al seguente link:

Hello there,

All of you who pre-ordered and helped Notion Ink start building the community must have received an email today. One email is on the confirmation of shipping and the other one is on the delay. Those who are in the later group (5.31%) are angry as I could see their comments and the emails.

It is extremely unfortunate that we are in such a situation. We could not have expected the accidental damage of the touch screen shipment, and that too just days before Chinese New Year eve. Even though the damage was to a part of shipment, we cancelled all because in such a case you cannot predict the defective and working screens manually. Our friends at Sintek requested their employees to miss their New Year week and instead manufacture the lost numbers. Most of them agreed.

Blogs are not easily accessible in China, and these employees don’t speak English. But their mangers do and know how to read your reactions, comments, thoughts on the peoject and are extremely passionate about Adam like you, and probably this is why they were able to convince their employees to work for you.

You shouldn’t go through this useless pain, but there is a whole group at Notion Ink and at our manufacturing plants putting in all the efforts at delivering you Adams. You have came this far with us, I will request for little more patience. We are listening and working on your suggestions at support at notionink dot com or preordersupport at notionink dot com.

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