AndAppStore: i primi 20 titoli più gettonati al 02/01/10


Andappstore ci mostra la classifica dei primi 20 titoli per android più scaricati dal propio portale on line. Andappstore dispone anche di un client da installare sul proprio terminale android per interfacciarsi al portale, una sorta di market alternativo. Per ogni titolo abbiamo a disposizione descrizione, qrcode, commenti e screenshot oltre a molti altri dettagli.


#1 – AndAppStore Client

Version 1.5.8 by Funky Android Ltd. in Internet::Search/Lookup Tools


The client will show you the latest and hottest apps available for your Android device. [More…]

#2 – mVideoPlayer

Version 1.5.5 by afzkl in Multimedia::Video Tools


mVideoPlayer is a full-featured movie player for your Android phone. With an inbuilt subtitle support you can enjoy your favourite movies and TV series in any language directly on your phone. mVideoPlayer is the video player for you, why don’t you try it out? You won’t be disappointed. [More…]

#3 – Facebook Plus

Version 2.3.1 by Abdul Mateen in Communications::Other Comms Tools


A Nice facebook widget for your homescreen, quickly sync with facebook with this. Status update, Photo Upload , video upload…… and much more in future releases so stay tuned, and enjoy this……… Update: 9-12-09 version 2.2.0 * Widget design changed * Various bug fixes… [More…]

#4 – GDocs

Version 0.8.1 by wildart in Productivity::Office Suites & Tools


GDocs is a simple document editor for your Google Documents. It allows you to work with local copies of documents as well as import and export them from Google Docs account. GDocs is a simple way to stay in touch with Google Docs. Your docs anywhere! [More…]

#5 – Rock On Music Player

Version 1.4.10 by Filipe Abrantes in Multimedia::Audio File Players


RockOn is a music player for Android. It has a nice all-graphic UI interface making it the player of choice if you prefer browsing your music library by album art. The main features are: * Cool album art navigation UI * Location-aware concert info of your library’s artists (uses Last.FM API). * One of the most effective album art fetchers we know (uses Last.FM API + other search engines). More features will be added in the future so… stay tuned. Also, I’d love to hear your suggesti… [More…]

#6 – Network Monitor

Version 1.6.1 by AoB in Internet::Network Monitoring


Simple and Statistical precision. Support a variety of Android mobile devices. To help users understand their own mobile phone network data traffic usage, in order to better control the cost of data traffic. 2G/3G and Wi-Fi network data traffic monitoring capabilities. Network data traffic to warn function. Real time monitoring of network data charts and summary. Paid version: Monitoring data charts. No ads. [More…]

#7 – AndExplorer

Version 1.2 by LYSESOFT in Utilities::File & Disk Management


AndExplorer is a file manager for Android devices. It allows browsing files and folders stored on device and sdcard. It can sort by name, size and date. Copy/Paste, rename, delete, create folder features are available. It is able to uncompress ZIP, GZIP and TAR files too. It can be called from another application through Intent facilities. [More…]

#8 – 3D Paddle Bounce

Version 1.0.7 by droidstick in Games & Entertainment::Sports


Try to prevent the ball from falling off your paddle. – Light comes from Sun & Moon position. – Backgrounds change based on time of day. [More…]

#9 – MapDroyd

Version 0.9.7 by onestepahead in Travel::Navigation


MapDroyd features world-wide off-line maps powered by OpenStreetMap. Experience true unplugged vector maps avoiding expensive network connections. Recent changes: compass support, improved performance at world level, new navigation buttons. [More…]

#10 – WiFi Buddy

Version 0.9.2-beta by andre in Internet::Network Monitoring


WiFi Buddy is an easy yet functional Wi-Fi network scanner tool: * Automatic scanning for access points * Directly connect to open networks * Easy access to all Wi-Fi settings * Keep Wi-Fi radio active while idle BETA VERSION. Submit feedback to or visit my web site at [More…]

#11 – Droid Comic Viewer

Version 1.3.3 by Robot Comics in Comics::All


Droid Comic Viewer is a lightweight image, comic & manga viewer. Main features: *Opens CBZ/ZIP, CBR/RAR (beta), ACV, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF files & image folders (long tap) *Read comics from SD card *Left-to-right or right-to-left reading *Use touch screen or trackball to zoom, scroll & navigate *Next & previous screen cache * Multi-language: English, German & Spanish [More…]

#12 – Swift Twitter App

Version 1.2 by Sebastian Delmont in Communications::Chat & Instant Messaging


The damn best Twitter client for Android. Fast, small, simple, powerful. “We Try Harder!” [More…]

#13 – ReaderScope

Version 1.5.6 by Jayesh Salvi in Communications::Newsgroup Clients


Google Reader client for Android. New: Search, Podcast, Youtube. Read your news in the Android way! Online/Offline. Share news over SMS, Email, Twitter, Check the buzz on Digg, Reddit, Friendfeed. Periodic updates. Customizations to save battery, network, storage. Collapsible UI. Discuss at: Also in ADC2. [More…]

#14 – GPS status

Version 3.0.3 by EclipSim in Travel::Navigation


GPS Status is a little program that displays the information received from the phone’s GPS receiver. In addition to the basic location information it can extract and display the state and location of each visible GPS satellite which is displayed on a simple sky view. The outer circle represents the horizon while the center corresponds to the zenith right above your head. The little blue arrow represents true north, while red means south. In addition there is a little compass needle that always shows th… [More…]

#15 – Better Terminal Emulator Magic

Version 1.5 by Howard Harte in Utilities::Shell Tools


Unlock the Linux potential of Android with Better Terminal Emulator Magic. v1.5 fixes soft-keyboard issues & NEW ICON!!! Upgrade to Better Terminal Emulator Pro v1.5 for additional features: * Enhanced shell with command line editing and recall with arrow keys. * Additional Linux utilities [More…]

#16 – gTasks

Version 0.2.58a by flapee in Productivity::PIMS & Calendars


First offline Tasks application that syncs with Google Tasks. SYNC before UPDATE! * still BETA * no need to provide your credentials * Tested on G1 * Google Apps users are supported * phone that can sync with GMail/Calendar is needed UPDATE v 0.2.1 * FIX power drain * FIX widget drawing (droid) * ENH widget show more tasks * FIX widget show from all lists * UPDATED lang DE, IT, JP UPDATE v 0.2.0 * added: widget, view by due date * UI improvements * bu… [More…]

#17 – TouchDrums

Version 1.1 by Bartinger in Multimedia::Music Composers


The drums in your Pocket with TouchDrums! TouchDrums allows you to play drums on your phone by touching the drumset on the screen. It also includes some music samples which you can play while banging the drumset. Independent volume control for drums and melodys. [More…]

#18 – OI FileManager

Version 1.1.0 by OpenIntents in Utilities::File & Disk Management


OI File Manager is an open file manager that seamlessly cooperates with other applications. [More…]

#19 – MemoryUp Pro – Mobile RAM Booster

Version 3.3.0 by emobistudio in Utilities::System Maintenance


MemoryUp Pro is a powerful mobile Memory & RAM boosting tool and Java virtual machine (JVM) management application specially designed for Android smartphone users. It is a handy memory optimizer tool that will keep your smartphone running faster and efficiently. It increases your cell phone performance by making more memory available for both your applications and the mobile system. [More…]

#20 – Note Everything

Version 2.8.2 by SoftXPerience in Productivity::Office Suites & Tools