Nuovo firmware Archos 5 Internet Tablet: 1.4.08

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Archos 5 Internet Tablet

E’ stato rilasciato il nuovo firmware per il tablet e più precisamente la versione 1.4.08.

Fa molto piacere constatare che Archos stia puntando molto su questo device e stia quindi rilasciando tanti aggiornamenti e in modo abbastanza costante.

Changelog 1.4.08:

  • Video: improve H264-HD playback
  • Video: improve audio-video synchronisation for certain MKV files
  • Video: added support for TS files from Freebox
  • Video: fix seeking for MOV/MP4/M4V files generated by Handbrake
  • Video: improve MKV subtitle support
  • Video: allow switching between TXT and DVD subs in MKV files
  • Video: allow to chose between internal and external subtitles for the same video file
  • Video: add support for VORBIS in MKV
  • Video: don’t skip audio due to non-supported audio track in case there is another one supported in the file
  • Web Radio: fix favorites being shared between several users
  • TV out: fix freeze occurring sometimes when removing the device from DVR Station while Video Recorder is running
  • TV out: display is now switched back to LCD in case of a crash of Android
  • TV Snap-on: after exiting the TV application it was impossible to use Archos multmedia applications
  • Home Screen: some third party widgets took more cells than expected (Widgets must be removed and added again)
  • Home Screen: Search, Music and Picture Frame widget frames were not well displayed on analog TV
  • Contacts: fix application crash on long click on contact or on emails addresses
  • Contacts: In case no third-party application is associated with the “address” field, open google maps using the web browser
  • Accelerometer: Some third-party applications were not working properly (Accelerometer must be calibrated again, see Device Settings > Sound & display)
  • System: better accessory detection
  • System: improve display speed in Archos Multimedia applications
  • System: fix multimedia center unavailable when setting Archos Multimedia Library manual update
  • System: fix some issues occurring after opening a Multimedia application while the Archos multimedia update was on-going in background
  • System: now display a warning message when USB and TV Snap-on are connected at same time
  • System: don’t keep device awake forever when a firmware update is detected while user is away.
  • System: ADB USB identifier was incorrect
  • System: device was consuming too much power from USB in ADB and USBnet modes

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