Nuovo aggiornamento al firmware del Creative Zii

Emanuele Cisotti

Creative Zii

Creative ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento al firwmare Android per il suo . Ecco le novità:

1. Resolved video seek issues
2. Added support for Imeem (social media service)
3. Fixed video resize bug
4. Suspense and resume now works
5. Fixed some system crashes under ZiiPlayer
6. Installation no longer leaves files behind
7. Fixed image resize bug

Purtroppo però sono ancora molte le parti del sistema non ancora funzionanti:

Features Not Implemented:
1. No rear camera support
2. No front camera support
3. No Bluetooth
4. No GPS

Known Issues:
1. Microphone not working
2. ZiiPlayer may still have a shutdown fault problem
3. ZiiPlayer does not always update the status bar
4. WIFI – May still get into a constantly scanning state
5. WIFI – Will always accept an incorrect password in WEP mode although you will not connect
6. WIFI reporting incorrect data rates
7. As the Zii EGG is not a phone, telephony related applications will not work

Grazie ancora a Linker per la tempestività del suoi aggiornamenti!