[ENG] Interview to the "Android genius" Haykuro

Emanuele Cisotti


Traduzione italiano:


AndroidWorld.it: Hi Haykuro, tell us who you are 🙂
haykuro: My name is Steve, better known as Haykuro, of course. I am 17 years old. First generation American, second generation Argentine, and thrid generation Russian / Polish.

AW: Is it Haykuro a japanese name? Is it just a nickname?
haykuro: Haykuro comes from an anime I use to watch. The anime (FLCL [furi kuri]) features a character called Haruko. I simply played with the letters and made it a boys name 🙂

AW: can’t u belive that you became a “hero” for a lot of android-fan?
haykuro: It was actually quite surprising. I didn’t expect to become so popular in the android community, and especially not at such a rate.

AW: do you know that a lot of people can’t belive that you are “only” 17?
haykuro: Yes, heh. I get asked very often “are you really 17?” But, it’s the truth. 🙂 I am finishing up my junior year in high school now.

AW: Ok, i really can’t belive it too 😛
why we everybody know your name? why are you famous in the android world?

haykuro: Well a while back xmoo leaked a sapphire build. I was the first one to get this sapphire build to run on the G1, and successfully made it possible to easily distribute this build through an update.zip. Ever since then, i’ve been releasing ports of all sorts of firmwares to the G1.

AW: where and how did you learn to do this?
haykuro: I followed JesusFreke’s work very closely. And, through trial and error i began to better understand how the android operating system works, and what makes the phone function.
I also have some past experience with cell phone hacking.

AW: so, I think you learn do this your own, is this right?
haykuro: yes.

AW: I guess you can’t answer this, but I try 😀 how did you get the HTC Hero build?
haykuro: That is something I cannot answer 😉 Actually. The hero build you see on my g1 in the videos i released were given to me by xdan of androidin.net.
But i have received various other hero builds (that have a more complete system) but these I cannot speak of 🙂

AW: Do you work on other Mobile OS? Why did you “choose” Android?
haykuro: I use to have an iPhone and did some minor hacking / coding for the iPhone. But I liked the hardware keyboard of the G1, and eventually made my switch. After such, i began hacking away at the android operating system.

AW: what do you think is still missing in Android? where do you think android has to improve?
haykuro: Ah, i believe that HTC is doing great work with the visual elements, as well as integrating social networking and other new things. Widgets really bring on a new age for the android operating system as well. Google has some improvements to do visually 😉 as well as taking users more into consideration.

AW: We everybody hope that Google will take into consideration users like you 😀
So do you think that customisation form carriers and mobilephone producer (like HTC) is a good thing?
Here in Italy (and Europe), before the Android coming, we used to hate the carriers customisations

haykuro: I think that the customizations should only be done by Google and HTC. T-Mobile, for example, took way too long to release a build that wasn’t any better than the ADP images we had released ages ago. haha.

AW: 🙂 last questions: what we have to expect from you in the next days/weeks/month? Are you working on something that you can tell us?
haykuro: I’m not sure about my schedule, but i’ve been doing a lot of development with rooting the Magic / Sapphire as i wait for more stuff on the hero builds.

AW: can we expect a Hero-like build for G1/Magic?
haykuro: The only work with hero i am doing, is the actual port of the real hero image. 😉

AW: 😉 What do you think about the Hero build? What’s new in it?
haykuro: I cannot talk about that, sorry. 🙁 It’s very pretty though, and has a lot of a new wonderful features. that is all i can say

AW: We see some images, and the Facebook login is enough 😀
Have you ever been in Italy?
haykuro: No, but it’d be great to visit one day 🙂

AW: erybody says that, but we really hope you will! 🙂
Thank you for your time Haykuro.
I speak for all the AndroidWorld.it users: THANK YOU!
The 6.01r1 gave new life to my HTC Magic 😉
Hope to speak you again!

haykuro: Thanks 🙂

Guida permessi di root su HTC Magic: http://www.androidworld.it/2009/05/25/hack-come-ottenere-permessi-di-root-su-htc-magic/

Guida firmware 6.0r1 di Haykuro per HTC Magic: http://www.androidworld.it/2009/05/26/haykuro-60r1-build-per-htc-magic-nuovo-firmware/